How do I book the studio?

View the studio’s booking calendar to check for available space. You can navigate through the year and request a booking by clicking on any available space. The form will ask for your contact and booking details and once submitted will be confirmed via email within 24 hours.

How many studios do you have?

Queen Street Studio manages 4 spaces. Three studios at FraserStudios (Chippendale):

  1. Studi 10: space for meetings/non-commercial events/launches
  2. Studio 12: non-commercial exhibition space for visual artists
  3. Studio 14: rehearsal studio for performing artists
  4. We also manage Heffron Hall in Darlinghurst, a rehearsal facility for hire.

Are all the bookings displayed in the calendar confirmed?

Yes — the calendar is up-to-date and displays all confirmed bookings, although there is sometimes a last minute change or cancellation. It is a policy of Queen Street Studio that all bookings are made on a ‘first-in’ basis, therefore we do not negotiate changes in existing bookings with new booking requests.

What hire rate am I?

An individual or group who is not a current member of the studio is charged $45 per hour to use the facility. The member rates are determined on your proposed activity for which you are making the booking. An individual working in the studio alone is considered as ‘solo’; a group with no funding or budget is considered as ‘group’; an organisation or group who has been funded or has a budget to spend on the project is considered as ‘funded’; an individual or group who collect fees from participants or from people entering the studio is considered as ‘commercial’. These rates are determined on a booking-by-booking basis.

Do I have to sign a contract or agreement?

Yes — a booking form will be sent to you via e-mail as confirmation of your booking. This document includes our terms and conditions of your hire and must be signed and returned to the studio before you commence your first booking.

I need some time to set up for my class, do I need to consider this when I book the studio?

Yes — as the times you book indicate the moment you step into the building until the time you step out.

How do I pay for my hire?

You will be issued with an invoice via e-mail that will have our 2 payment options that include Online Payment and EFT. We do not accept cash/cheque payments.

How many people can use an organisation membership?

Up to 8 individuals are able to use an organisation membership. All invoices generated for program registrations or studio bookings will be addressed to the organisation’s account that holds the membership.

How do I get access?

On your first booking the studio management will open the facility and induct you into the studio space. Here they will issue you with a code for future access to the space you book.

Do you have Internet access in your studios?

WiFi is available from Studio 10, FraserStudios (Chippendale) at no charge.