How Much Is Vehicle Towing Going To Cost You?

People find themselves in situations where they have no choice but to get their vehicles towed said a tow service in Petaluma CA company. One of the most common scenarios is when a car breaks down. If you have that problem or are in need of a tow for another reason, you are likely wondering what the costs are going to be. Let’s look at towing costs and what you can expect when you call a company to get the job done.

Towing companies charge different amounts of money, and there are of course different types of towing Image result for cost of towing servicesituations. Do you need your vehicle towed long distance, or is this going to be a local towing job? Typically, there will be what’s called a hook up fee for towing, and let’s say that fee is around $75. It can vary by location and by company, but that’s a good ballpark figure.

Then there would be the local towing fee added to the hookup fee, and let’s say that is around $60. That would give you a total approximate cost for local towing at around $135. If you have a long distance towing job that needs done, a good ballpark figure to give you an idea of what you will be paying extra is $3.50 per mile. Long distance towing really depends on the job, but now you have an idea at least.

You really have an even closer figure of what it would cost you if you are about to call a company for a local towing job. You could get a quote that is higher or lower than $135, but that’s a good idea anyway. You will get in touch with the best towing company in your area, and you will be able to figure out what the costs are going to be quite quickly. Hopefully they don’t set you back too much, but at least your car will get towed to the right location.

The quote you get matters, but you also want to make sure the towing company cares for your vehicle while it is in transport. You don’t want anything happening to your car while it is being towed. Make sure you call a respectable towing service in your area so that you are able to get the tow done right. You also need the job done now, so it is time to find a company that can come to your aid right now.

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