Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Tips

Vinyl plank flooring presents DIY enthusiasts with a great flooring alternative. These planks are easy to install, and help create an appealing and long lasting floor.

Read on below to find out some useful tips you can follow to make the vinyl plank flooring installation job much easier to handle. You can also visit some websites like the to have an idea on how to prepare for installation and get an idea on which style suites your taste.

Prepare The Floor

Image result for vinyl plank installation processThe first step in the vinyl flooring installation process is to prepare the floor on which the planks are to be installed. Start by removing the baseboards. As stated above, the floor should be flat and leveled. You can use a leveler mix to flatten any dents in the flooring; or sand away any noticeable bumps.

At this point it is worth mentioning that you can actually install vinyl plank flooring over a vinyl flooring base, provided that the existing base is only one layer thick.

Once the floor is flat and level, make sure that it is completely dry before the installation process starts.

You can then start by arranging all the pieces on the floor, mixing planks from different boxes to achieve an even appearance, and get a preview of the end product. This also helps the planks acclimate to the new surroundings before installation.

Laying The Planks

The next step in the vinyl plank installation process is laying the planks. It is recommended that you lay the planks parallel to the room’s longest wall; move from left to right. To install the planks, you should remove the protective cover on the planks to expose the adhesive layer.

To create an alluring pattern, it is recommended that you alternate the rows; start one row with a full plank, and half a plank for the next one. It will also be nice if you have a taste of designs so you could design your own, properly designed flooring when you have the option would mean comfortability say an example if you are planning to have your victorian conservatory and you want to spend most of your rest time in there, you need to make it very comfortable and good to the eyes so you will have the relaxation you wanted.


Once you have installed all the planks over the existing floor space, it’s time to complete the job. It is worth noting that you may have to trim the planks lengthwise on the last row to ensure that they fit correctly. Once you are done with the installation job, you will have to replace the moldings and any other necessary fittings to create a complete look.

Remember to fasten the moldings and trims to the wall and not the flooring.

A janitorial services said it is important to note that you should avoid mopping the floor with water for around 5 days to allow the adhesive enough time to set so if you have a plan of doing the general cleaning after the installation, just avoid mopping.

Once the adhesive has set completely, you can enjoy the appeal and comfort of your home’s new vinyl flooring.

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